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Best Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoors – Buying Guide 2019

Best Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoors

A pro roller skater Stephan Michal was talking about his old days when he was a beginner in skating field; actually, he was sharing his skating experience with his student John, who is beginner skater and doing training in Stephan Michal’s skating academy located in Boston.

Stephan Michal says that when he was beginner skater he invests $250 on roller skate at the first time but he was completely flopped within some days and lost his investment. But here is a question that comes in every skater’s mind that why he was a flop even a big investment?

The reason was simple but fundamental; that every skater wants to know that was “roller skate wheels”. Stephan says he was not knowing that how roller skate wheels work and which things to be avoided when investing on roller skates.

Stephan was interested in outdoor roller skating but due to ill knowledge about the difference between indoor and outdoor skates at the beginning, he buys indoor roller skates and uses it for outdoor skating.

But now after 17years of experience Stephan is a pro skater and instructor in his own skating academy. This flop came in his mind when his student John asks about roller skate wheels.

Today I want to share the information’s that John learns by Stephan during his training. We will focus on the differences in wheels for different types of surfaces that most people are going to skate on.

Skating Surface

Obviously, there are many different types of surfaces that people will actually skate on. I want to help you to make a good decision on which wheels to choose when determining what surface you’re going to skate on.

Indoor Skating Surface

Indoor surfaces can either be indoor concrete they can be wood, they can be wood with no coding and also they can be wood with a plastic coating on them, even the concrete can have a coating on it. All those things factor into which types of wheels are going to get, to actually skate and have the right grip when you’re skating around those surfaces.

Outdoor Skating Surface

You could wind up skating on asphalt you can skate on blacktop asphalt or skate on a concrete surface, such as a sidewalk or even a street that’s made of concrete. Those types of surfaces all those are going to probably want to warn you buying a softer type of wheel to skate on to absorb a lot of the pediments that you’re going to run into on those surfaces

Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

On the indoor side, you want to get a wheel that’s going to have a good roll and also give you a good grip. There are many different types of roller skate wheels on the market in 2019.

If you want to choose indoor skate wheels that are not very expensive that’s going to be something that you can skate indoor on. You can choose a wider type of speed wheel comes at 40 millimeters to the 44-millimeter type of wheel.

Wide Vs Narrow Skate Wheels

I will shortly guide you about the difference between wide wheels versus a narrow wheel. The wide wheels more for the speed skater more surface contact going to give you a little bit better grip when you’re turning and going fast.

The narrow type of wheel is like a 38 millimeter and it’s going to allow you to get a little bit quicker in turns a little more agility so to speak, and that is a lot of what rhythm type skaters are looking for dance skaters that kind of thing they’re looking for something that gives them a little bit more agility quickness as far as their turns and whatnot.

Hardness of Roller Skate Wheels

As far as this, the hardness of skate wheels for the surface if you get a soft wheel and you bring that inside it’s going to tend to be a little bit slower when you’re skating inside.

If you’re on a slippery surface and you’re bringing in a wheel that you need to have good grip on you still want to make sure that you get a wheel that’s still going to give you the role that you need such as 91A or 93A, they’re going to give you some grip and still give you a hardness that’s going to allow it to roll and roll fast.

You get down into the 78-74 range of hardness of roller skate wheels that wheels going to feel like you’re skating in mud if you’re skating inside.

So, these are some important that you need to consider when picking out roller skate wheels.

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