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How to Skate Faster on Roller Skates – Tips by Pro Skaters

Many skaters invest to buy the fastest roller skates but they fail to skate it faster. Because they do not know how to skate faster on roller skates

When I start skating a few years ago I also buy an expensive roller skate, from Amazon and I feel that it will skate faster on it because I spend $380 to buy. But it was not In my mind that the speed of roller skates depends on skater’s experience.

But I start to try it skate faster and after some days I feel that I can’t skate fast on these! 🙁

So, I go to my friend he is a pro skater and instructor in roller skating academy located in Romania. I tell him all, that what I want to do but I can’t. He guides me completely with some tips and tricks to guide me how to skate faster on roller skates. I followed all these tips and tricks and now I am an expert in roller skating. 

In this article, I will share all these tips and tricks that I learn from my pro skater friend last year. 

Now let’s move forward to the point!

Stay with us and read this full article, I’m sure after reading this article you can become an expert roller skater.

How To Skate Faster on Roller Skates

We are going to talk about how to skate faster on roller skates. As we all know that now a day’s lot of people use skating as a fun activity and not only is that but also a great source of exercise, fitness, and sports. A number of people also use roller skates as a great source of transportation, but before that, you have to learn how to glide and stop.

How to glide and stop?

I will write a dedicated article with details to guide you that how to glide and stop, but here I will guide you shortly because that is essential before moving forward. Keep your focus and read all the passage to know the basics of roller skating and important tips and tricks that will give you enough potential to gain skills and you become able to move to the next level.

Now let’s move forward to step by step guide to our main topic that is how to skate faster on roller skates.

Put Your Skating Equipment and Wear It Properly

First of all, you have to wear your skating equipment properly. Pair of Roller Skates, Helmet, Kneepads and wristguards all are essential equipment. Keep in mind that all these entire things must be of your size and compatible with your body. If this equipment will not compatible with your body than that can create troubles in skating and you will not be able to skate freely. So, you have to be careful while buying skating equipment for you.

Suppose Right Position

Once you put up your skating equipment properly and set your position to the right point in such a way that bend your knees and feet shoulders with apart. Try to lower your back down towards the ground and force bit forward. That will help you to start skating first time easily.

In the beginning, it’s not easy to stand perfectly. You will fall many times and you will feel insecure yourself, but with the passage of time, you will become self-confident. As we all know that practice makes a man perfect.

Start Walking Slowly

Start walking slowly with your legs. When you fall down then get up with more confidence and start walking again. Keep in mind that this falling will train you to keep balance during roller skating. At the start, you cannot keep your balance but after practice, once you make you balance then you will comfortably walk.

Make enough confidence that you will skate well once little practice. After gaining the confidence of walking, then try to start moving quickly and also take big strides. Practicing again will help you in moving faster for roller skating.

How to Glide on Roller Skate

As I said prior, that I will guide you in the dedicated article that how to glide in roller skating, but let me discuss here shortly. In this step, you will become more confident, clever and faster. Once you learn how to self-balance then next step will become easier for you. Now put your one leg up and glide with the other leg until you lose balance and then put you a second leg up and start glide with the first leg.

Change the position of your legs from left to right then again from right to left. Keep practicing until you become more balanced, faster and confident. But you have to keep one thing in mind along with this practice, also move your elbow back and forth because this will help you to keep your self-balance.

After fast skating, at last, its time to stop your roller skate smoothly. Do you know how to stop on roller skates?

How to Stop on Roller Skates

This is also our dedicated article which covers this question. Here I will just guide you shortly about how to stop on roller skates. There is a couple of different ways to stop on roller skates:

Toe Stop

The first one is using your toe stop. With the toe stops knees will be bend and arms will be in the fourth position in equivalent balance. Move your one foot back, touch the toe of that foot with the ground and keep your weight on the first foot.

Once you stop then come to the T position then start again. So this is what toe stop looks like.


The second one is the T-stop. Now let’s talk about how T-stop works! So stand in the T position and in this way your feet will together at the end of a stop in T position.

There are many other ways to stop roller skates. But these two methods will help you to stop smoothly and easily.

I hope you have read these all steps carefully with open eyes and mind. If yes, then I am sure you will follow all these steps and by doing practice on these steps you will know better than how to skate faster on roller skates.

If you have any question related to the above topic or something else related to Roller Skates, Roller Skate Plates & Roller Derby Skates fee free to write your comment here or contact us, our team will completely guide you & I will write a detailed article about your query for your better satisfaction. 

Best of Luck

Team – LetShopi.Com

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