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Roller Derby Skates for Beginners

Are you interested in roller derby and preparing yourself for derby league?

If you’ve joined a training program as a beginner to learn how to play roller derby!

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I have a lot to take away from the roller derby training program: History of this sport, rules this sport, tips and tricks, physical skills and much more. But one of the biggest common question from beginners is that “How do I select new derby gear”?

Then you are on right place now, I have a lot of to take away from the roller derby training program: History of this sport, rules this sport, tips and tricks, physical skills and much more. But one of the biggest common question from beginners is that “How do I select new derby gear”?

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The first important thing that you need to get in on this training program is a pair of best derby skates. This is exactly an important thing for that we are discussing here today! Here I will guide you to find the best roller derby skates for beginners today!

Stay with us if you are looking to buy your first pair of roller derby skates then read this buyer guide thoroughly and I will guide you about some of the most important things you need to know when you buy your first pair of skates!

Interested? Let’s start with the basics!

Roller Derby Skates for Beginners!

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In roller derby sport, skaters use quad skates that are also called roller skates. No inline skates used for this sport (if not, maybe you have ref!)

Derby skaters use low cut skate boots because low cut skates provide more power, freedom of movement and less rubbing at skater’s ankles. In this article, I will completely guide you about skater’s boots and plates and will also tell you what is best to put into your feet. But when we are talking about “plates” than how a beginner can understand this term?

Do you know about roller skate plates?

Plates are important and fundamental part of skate that attaches the boots to the wheels and also have a spot for the toe stop. If the quality of skate plates are high then you have better agility.

Learn about roller skate plates before moving forward.

  • “Also know about toe stops and wheels

Normally the derby skates are sold in men’s sizes, I want to inform you one more point here, that fit is extremely important for best roller derby skates!  Most speed skates are meant to fit a slightly tighter than your shoes, but they should still be comfortable.

When we come talking about the question that what roller skates are best for a beginner  then no single answer is there which is well-matched for a specific skater and condition. Because when you will go to buy new skates then your selection will depend on various factors, first of all, your budget, the level of commitment, skater size, the purpose for which you are want to buy skates and something else like that.

If a beginner skater who wants his/her own gear to get through Fresh Meat may start with entry-level skate package. Before investing in new skates ruminate your skill level and budget, then research accordingly from different channels to get an idea that what skate will be best for you!

“Package For Beginner Skaters, Absent of Price Point”

We all are there. Assume! You are a beginner and really interested to play derby but you don’t have funds at the time to invest for derby gear. Don’t worry! We have still been different options for you! On CGRD we make a small list of loaner gears to help the interested new beginner skaters to save up funds. Check out with your league to see the available option.

Another option to save your money is borrowing skates from your friends and fellows or you can also buy skates on cheap price (in used) from different groups like Facebook or Amazon.

Some of the Facebook groups are listed from where you can buy the best skates at a low price:

“Beginners Pack, Low Price Point”

Several of beginner skaters start their roller derby with entry level skates to save funds for his own, it is good to save the funds on the beginning. These skaters use entry level skates and pay around $90-130 for these basic skates such as Rink Roller Skate, Pacer ZTX, Riedell Skates, etc. These skates usually made of synthetic material, the roller skate plates for these kinds of skates have come with nylon plate and low quality, and also the wheels will be slippery.

I also have started from entry level skates, after some time most of the skaters recommend me to upgrade my skates, now that thing I also recommend to you.

Entry level derby wheels will cost you around $65 and include wheels such as the Riedell Radar Villains, Radar Flat Outrageous, and Suregrip Sugars.

“Intermediate Price Point”

For those derby skaters who are looking to start with higher quality or want to upgrade their skates: Recommendation for those! Lather made skates are more lightweight and comfortable to the foot for a long time. The Rebel Avenger has a leather boot that is around $240-260 with avenger aluminum DA-45 plate and Titan 59mm 95a wheels.

[su_box title=”Recommendation” style=”soft” box_color=”#d3f5f5″ title_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]The skaters that weigh more than 180 and looking for best skate packages for him, then he should choose packages that contain aluminum skate plates[/su_box]

The aluminum skate plates are tougher and also for longtime use then nylon plates, however, they are heavier. The aluminum roller skate plates under $200 include the Sure-Grip Avenger Aluminum and Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium.

“Extraordinary Price Point”

Several of skaters upgrade their skate’s boots to another higher quality leather boot for extra performance of power and relaxation for feet. High-quality leather boot Riedell 126 is around $260-270, or another popular Riedell 265 is around $300. Some of the skaters also upgrade their skate plates for best performance and lightweight.

Learn more about:
How to mount roller skate plates
How to choose roller skate wheels

The New Chaya Ophira Plate 20° is engineered for Advanced Skaters made by Aircraft Aluminum and it is lighter than Octane Pro Chassis. The high-quality roller skate plates have high cost around $220-380 but they provide good performance and quickness that is worth you got!


Now, what is your final decision?

If asked me! I think no one skate is perfect for all states. Why?

Points are clear, that basics skates are available in cheap price, but usually, all are made of synthetic material and plates come with nylon so that quality is low. Mostly skaters upgrade their skates boot to a leather boot and aluminum made plates. Aluminum plates are extra stronger than nylon, however, they are also heavier.

If you select nylon plates to save budget then you should have to compromise with quality. Higher quality aluminum or magnesium roller skate plates provide the best maneuverability without the weight.

Now it’s up to you!

What skates are you interested in?

If you have any question related to the above topic or something else related to Roller Skates, Roller Skate Plates & Roller Derby Skates fee free to write your comment here or contact us, our team will completely guide you & I will write a detailed article about your query for your better satisfaction
Best of Luck
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