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Top 10 Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

There are about as many ways to perform cool skateboarding tricks as there are tricks themselves, but these top 10 skateboard tricks for beginners are among the most popular. Some riders prefer to remain on a level surface the entire time, while some riders use different structures to help them achieve the height and power they need.

These can include such things as steps, retaining walls, and street curbs, which are usually not intended for such a purpose, and should not be used for that, while others take advantage of the structures built at legitimate skateboard parks.

Top 10 Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

If you are landed on our blog by searching skateboard trick on the web, then you are in right place. Here are the top 10 skateboard tricks for beginners that can make you an expert skater. Go through this article and follow these tricks.

Upside-down 360° loop: 

The rider uses a pipe-riding structure, which may one or two curved walls, and sometimes a top to get high enough so that both the skateboard and rider will make a complete rotation, with rider’s feet and the skateboard’s wheels in the air before landing. This is considered one of the most difficult, but also one of the cooler, skateboarding tricks.


The rider uses his front foot then his back foot to spring off the back of the board and goes into the air. When the rider is able to do this without having to actually jump off the skateboard or use a pipe structure, it makes this one of the cool skateboarding tricks truly amazing.

180 Pop Shuvit: 

This is the same as an Ollie, but the rider and skateboard make a 180° turn in the air before landing in the original starting position.

360 Pop Shuvit: 

Both the rider and the skateboard make a complete circle in the air before landing in the original position. This is also one of the more difficult skateboarding tricks to accomplish. 


The rider uses his feet to make the board flip from front to back, or to switch from foot to foot. When this last trick is done, the rider may start out facing the front, perform the kickflip, and land facing the opposite direction. Some novice trick riders often make sure they have kickflips and Ollies perfected before moving on to more difficult but still cool skateboarding tricks.

Back-wheel balance: 

Only the back wheels of the skateboard are touching the ground as the rider sails along. The rider’s goal in performing this one of the cool skateboard tricks is to obtain the farthest distance possible before having to bring the front wheels down. This may be one of the first skateboarding tricks a rider learns.

Board Sliding: 

The rider is performing a version of the Ollie, but he wants to use a rail, curb, or some type of structure. That is because the difference between this cool skateboarding trick and an Ollie is the rider wants to physically touch, usually with his feet, the rail, curb, or whatever before landing back on the board. This requires some pretty exact timing, especially where the landing is concerned.


Some cool skateboarding tricks are as fun to watch as they are to try. The bomb-drop fits in this category because the rider actually starts the trick by jumping off of a structure several feet above ground while holding the skateboard. Only after he has started the jump does he drop the skateboard, and attempt to land on it.

Coffin trick: 

Some parents may think that the coffin is exactly where their child might end up if he tries any of the cool skateboarding tricks mentioned. They can make sure their child is wearing proper safety gear, including helmet, gloves, and knee pads while performing this trick, or any other for that matter. With that being said, the coffin trick consists of getting the skateboard going, then, while it is still moving, change from standing up to riding the board on one’s back.

The Boneless trick: 

One foot remains on the ground while the other one is on the skateboard. The rider, however, is actually “jumping” the skateboard, making it leave the ground, as he is riding in this stance.

Closing Words:

Finally, the document is closed and I have explained the top 10 skateboard tricks for beginners in this article. Hope, this article will be helpful for beginner skaters. Try these tricks to become an expert skater.


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