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What Roller Skates to Buy For Beginners – Detailed Answer By Professionals

Today I’m going to write this article because I want to quickly answer a question that so many people have been asking me for so long and that is “What Roller Skates to Buy”?

So I’ve started to write this guide like five times I tried writing an article all about wheels, I tried writing an article that’s like a skate buying guide. I’ll try to give you the information that you need. If you are in a roller skate shop and a lot of different roller skates are available shop then it is not easy to choose the right skates for you.

What Roller Skates to Buy

The number one most important thing when you’re buying skates is to make sure the wheels roll that seems so like common sense but if you go to big five or Academy or a big chain sporting goods store and you go try to spin the wheels to see how that wheel spins freely.

If you go to the skates at the big sporting goods stores those wheels don’t spin, so it may seem like a great idea it’s like Oh! These skates are only 40 dollars. Make sure they are working and wheels spin, because if they don’t you must have to invest in new wheels and bearings which may actually cost If you were to just buy quality roller skates outright.

So with that being said with roller skates the price directly links to the quality, so when you’re spending $300 on a brand new Moxie Lolly Skates it really is a quality boot that’s gonna last you a long time. With that being said there are other options and things that you could do to get skates when you’re first starting and you don’t have to invest in the really fancy skates.

What I did when I first joined roller derby?

I went on Craigslist and I found a guy that had just quit roller derby and I got his entire set up for really cheap, and those roller derby skates lasted me two years, they worked great and they were less than $100 from Craigslist they were used skates but they worked great, so don’t feel any pressure to have to go out and buy a really fancy nice new skate set up you can make it work with anything that rolls.

If you do buy the skates from Big Five and you want to make those work you can always go buy new skates wheels and bearings then put them on those skates and make it work, just know that the traps and the roller skate plates are made of plastic so the quality isn’t that great and they won’t last you very long, but if you just want to kind of try it out and see if skating is for you that’s a great way to go.

What Type of Skating Do You want?

Besides the wheels rolling the other thing that you want to ask yourself is What Type of Skating Do I Want to Do?

If you’re visiting my site you’re probably interested in roller derby skates and let me think if you plan on skating outside or doing dance skating I would recommend getting a heel on your skate. If you want to play roller derby then you should have skates that don’t have a heel and they must have their flat right that gives you more agility and ability to block in Derby.

You can learn more about “Roller Derby Skates” here

If you decide that you want to play Barbie a lot of Derby players is typically like the low-cut boot with wider wheels and no heel, but if you want to dance skate or ramps it’s usually a higher top boot for support and a heel that puts you on the ball of your foot. The thing that’s awesome about the heel of these skates is it puts you on your toes. And whenever you squat low it’s natural if you’re barefoot to go onto your toes so with the kilo whenever your flies super low and naturally it feels a little bit more comfortable being able to get low then also if you’re doing any sort of dancing it puts your weight more towards your toes and it’s a little more comfortable to do dancing.

What Material Do You Want For Skates?

The other thing that you want to ask yourself in relation to boots is What Material Do I Want?

If you’re vegan you probably want a vinyl if you want something that’s really comfortable and molds to your foot I would absolutely recommend leather or suede. But again a lot of this comes down to a price and budget and you know the question might be more like what can I afford right now so again don’t ever feel the pressure that you have to like get the most expensive skate they’re great skates that are very affordable and work like a charm.

Roller Skate Plates

We talked about skates wheels, about the boot that might want the other thing that you want to consider is the roller skate plates, so there are two different they’re metal skate plates and then there are nylon plates. The Moxie Lolly Skate comes with a nylon plate and Beach Bunny Skates comes with a metal plate.

Also when it comes to plates aren’t something you really need to worry too much about in the beginning, but just you have the information the nylon plates are there a little bit Benzie, but they’re really lightweight so that’s something that’s really awesome. About the nylon is that they’re bone price lightweight and they’ll get you where you need to go. If you plan on being a really agile technical dance skater or a really fast and reactive derby skater then a metal skate plates are a good choice for you.

Keep in mind again with metal plates it’s a lot about the budget, lower price plates are going to be a bit heavier and your more expensive plates are going to be very lightweight aluminum or metal.

As so, in the beginning, you can make anything work but this is definitely something to consider when you plan on upgrading or getting like a pro-style boot.

Roller Skate Wheels

The other most important part is skate wheels that they actually roll and spin but you also want to ask yourself “Am I Going to Be Skating on a Rough Surface or Skating on a Smooth Surface?”

If you plan on going out in the streets and trying to go over bumps and rocks and cracks you’re definitely going to want a bigger dummy or wheel. So general idea for wheels is bigger gummy or softer wheels are great for really rough surfaces, the nice thing about those is you can also take them inside. You can also take those gummy outdoor wheels to the rink but with hard ends where wheels those don’t go outside as well.

If you want a wheel they’ll do everything I would recommend getting a softer gummy wheel because that could go anywhere. But if you know you want to play Derby or you’re only going to be in the rink then I would recommend what people call like an indoor wheel it’s harder a little bit smaller if you’re playing Derby it’s wider.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing, I hope I’ve helped break it down for you.

That’s kind of just a general overview and as far as recommendations go I’m going to get into those later and go into more detail about why I love each boot or why I choose certain boots for certain things.

If you have any question related to the above topic or something else related to Roller Skates, Roller Skate Plates & Roller Derby Skates fee free to write your comment here or contact us, our team will completely guide you & I will write a detailed article about your query for your better satisfaction. 

Best of Luck

Team – LetShopi.Com

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